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Raindrop Technique

Raindrop Technique

Raindrop is a powerful non-invasive tool for assisting the body in correcting defects in the curvature of the spine. Young Living essential oils plus hand techniques sends electrical signals throughout your body to support your organs and internal communication. Raindrop supports healthy immune system, helps maintain acuity and focus and helps ground mind, body and spirit. The session is rejuvenating and relaxing. All can benefit from Raindrop.


Raindrop Technique has the capacity to many powerful benefits:


Raindrop supports healthy immune system.


Raindrop aids the body's natural response to irritation and injury.


Raindrop helps internal enzyme reactions that control circulation.


Raindrop helps maintain mental acuity and focus.


Raindrop supports our mood by uplifting and encouraging positive energy in times of restlessness and unease.


Raindrop supports a positive outlook and restful sleep.



Raindrop facilitates the release of negative emotions.



Raindrop helps ground mind, body and spirit






As a student in the Raindrop/Vitaflex class I learned the step-by-step procedure for doing each of these modalities. I was able to practice doing it on another student as well as experiencing it done on myself. It took place in a very relaxed and quiet setting. Heather, our instructor, watched very closly to make sure the technique was being done correctly and gave clear instruction on what needed to ve done to improve my performance of it. It was a great benefit to me and others to be able to complete this training in the area.
                                                       ~Ruth Dec, Flint, Michigan




Neuro-Auricular Technique

Neuro-Auricular Technique (NAT) was formulated and presented by Dr. Young in 2008 to 350 Young Living Distributors. The technique is a gentle massage to the vertebras T4 to the locus ceruleus (LC Notch)

The purpose of NAT is to fully awaken and restore full capacity to the locus ceruleus and vagal ganglion at the base of the brain and to connect all of the synapses of the and upper spinal cord, thus creating an environment that facilitates optimal health, healing, and bodily function.

There are 12 pairs of cranial nerves. These are nerves that emanate directly from the brain and not from the spinal cord. The first 8 pairs go to the eyes and tear ducts, ears, nose, tongue, facial and chewing muscles, lips, mouth, teeth, and salivary glands. There are 4 pairs that extend from the brain to the throat, larynx, lungs, heart, liver, stomach, large intestine, small intestine, and shoulders that extend down and out between the top four cervical vertebrae which comprises the vagal complex. The fact that there is a pair of cranial nerves directly from the brain to the muscles of the shoulders explains why tense shoulders can lead to headaches while stress in the brain (worry, anxiety, fear, etc.) can cause tense shoulders.

The locus ceruleus is a mass of more than 1000 nerves at the base of the brain, highly pigmented as a bluish bundle of nerves. Hence, its name: “Locus” means “location.” “Ceruleus” means “sky blue.” The locus ceruleus is the central switching station of the body. Every nerve impulse controlling our voluntary muscles as well as our organs passes through this master control station. A principal purpose of NAT is to make sure this vital nerve junction is fully functioning along with the rest of the brain.

The vagus nerve is principally involved with parasympathetic activity, which is largely involuntary and often emotional. It regulates heartbeat, is involved with the release of tears in crying, controls digestion and peristalsis of the esophagus and intestines, production of many hormones, including insulin, control of sphincter muscles, ovarian and uterine function, prostate function, and sexual responsiveness. It is the parasympathetic system that functions during healing and is mainly involved with protection, conservation, and restoration of body resources and functions.

 Frankincense is mostly monoterpenes (for balancing and reprogramming). Valerian, Vetiver, Cedarwood, and Sandalwood are all mostly sesquiterpenes (for oxygenation of the brain and ganglia and for deleting misinformation at the level of cellular DNA). Roman Chamomile is mostly esters (for emotional releasing).


                                                                                         Vibrational Raindrop


Integrating the tuning forks has planted my services on a whole new level. Since our bodies contain a large percentage of water, the frequencies of the tuning forks are very effective. Vibrations activated a deep cellular level of movement. When the tuning forks are placed on the surface of the body the frequencies have the capacity to move blockages from the body's pathways. Your body responds favorably; revitalizing, supports the nervous system, supports normal immune response, and promotes emotional and self-renewal. Vibrational Raindrop is based on the laws of physics and the mathematics, music theory, and an intuition approach to wellness, with a faith in God.





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