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Heather Wright started her health journey as a young adult after reading Sugar Blues by William Duffy. Realizing the Standard American Diet (SAD) was detrimental to her health and well-being she emptied her kitchen cupboards of all refined flour, sugar, artificial colors, mono sodium glutamate and genetically modified organisms “food”. With empty shelves she replaced them with whole grain, fresh vegetables and fruit, along with fresh juice and pure water. Including exercise, meditation and forgiveness she began a journey of health and well-being.

 With the challenge of raising a family she started with natural childbirth, utilizing herbs and homeopathy including a whole foods diet.  Free from pharmaceutical products she raised healthy children.

 Heather continued her journey with training to reach out to her community. She began at Somerset Massage School in 2005. Simultaneously Heather's Haven was created.She graduated in 2009 at Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education C.A.R.E. with a Raindrop Specialist and Raindrop instructor.  She continued her training with a Licensed Spiritual Healer in 2010. In 2011 Heather included the tuning forks with a Vibrational Raindrop Specialist Certification and Coach in 2014 with Planetary-Classic. In 2012 completed Aromatherapy Coach certification. Healthy Future Institute was formed in 2016. Heather continued her training by including Aroma Freedom Technique in 2017.

As a Spiritual Healer, Heather realized the necessity to explore our emotions with the natural healing arts by integrating scripture, prayer, aromatherapy, aroma freedom technique (AFT) to promote inner healing.

 Heather has a passion to offer wholesome tools to those who are searching. If you are interested in attending Heather’s Raindrop Workshop, register at mkt.com/store/heathers-haven

 Heather lives in Michigan with her husband of 40 years. They have four grown children and six grandchildren.  They frequent the Great Lakes, Florida and Arizona.





  • Licensed Massage Therapist


  • Certified Raindrop Specialist


  • Certified Vibrational Raindrop Specialist


  • Certified C.A.R.E. Instructor
  • Certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner


  • Spiritual Healer License 


  • Certified Aromatherapy Coach





Heather is an excellent raindrop presenter. I would encourage my students to attend her presentations and workshops. In fact, I have invited her to my area!

                                          ~Margaret Dwyer PhD

                                               Royal Oak, Michigan









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